Training Your Pit Bull

Before purchasing a American Pit Bull Terrier you need to know how to and be able to provide the proper training and socialization.

A Pit Bull, unlike a lot of other breeds REQUIRES a firm pack leader (YOU) and lots of socializing! These dogs are very powerful and we as owners should endeavor to correct the terrible stigma the breed carries with our sweet, well behaved and socialized dogs.

The Basics:

woman being taken for a walk by her uncontrolled dog

The Walk – Leash training your dog is more than just not having them drag you down the road. It’s about leadership and respect. Keep your dog in a follower position, beside you. NOT out in front or pulling you.

Feeding – Whether it is meal time or just giving a treat, your dog should be calm and respectful, giving eye contact. This takes practice, but again, this is all about respect.

blue and white pit bull Evay waiting patiently for her food

Hold the bowl or treat relaxed at waist level. Wait until your dog calmly stands or sits and gives eye contact. No words are needed. Your dog will naturally get this. Then calmly set the bowl down in front of them or give the treat. This is you rewarding their calm submissive behavior.

This exercise translates to play with toys, going out the door, putting on the collar and leash, coming out of the crate/kennel, etc.

The purpose of this is to teach your dog manners and respect of you as the Pack Leader. The result is a calm, well mannered dog that is easy to handle and a joy to be around.

blue and white pit bull Evay being lazy on the couch

Your Home – In bringing a new pup into your home Pit Bulls especially need to know their place. A Pit Bull can easily become pushy, aggressive and dominating if allowed.

A few keys to achieving respect in the house by your dogs:

  • When You’re Eating – Make sure your dog gives you space. Respecting the Pack Leader while they are eating is HUGE for a dog. To your dog Pack Leader should mean HUMAN. This means that even children should be respected and given space when eating around your dog.
  • Claiming Furniture – You never want your dog to think that the couch, armchair, or bed belong to them. Practice inviting your dog on the furniture and then giving an “off” command. This exercise is you ‘claiming’ the couch as your own and making it clear in your dogs mind that they don’t own or guard anything. Your dog should know that you “own” the furniture.

These exercises will translate into your dog readily giving up toys, bones, trash or other “prized” items easily. There should never be any growling, snapping, or possessiveness if your dog keeps the mindset that you are the Pack Leader.

Socializing – This is so very important in your dog becoming a well balanced, happy canine good citizen. From the time your puppy is 8 weeks to 1 year old, expose them to as many new experiences as possible! Doing so will create a well rounded dog with a fantastic temperament.

New people, animals, dogs, smells, sounds, etc. Always be sure to make it a good experience. Quickly correct any unwanted behavior by your dog and always end on a good note. Treats are handy with accomplishing this.

We at BarTin Kennels hope that this information is helpful to you in training your new Pit Bull! Always feel free to get in touch for more help and tips.