Safe Foods to Add to Your Pets Diet

Adding a variety of different ingredients to your dog’s kibble gives them extra vitamins, extends your kibble, and prevents the development of food allergies.

Here are some of the extra ingredients we add to our kibble at BarTin Kennels:

Beef/Chicken/Turkey/Organ Meat/Sardines/Mackerel – Raw (bone in chicken quarters from Walmart are a BarTin Favorite! Fed raw.)

  • Adds extra protein (never cook meat given to your dog – they digest raw much easier)
  • NEVER give a dog a cooked bone!  Cooked bones become brittle and splinter when chewed. If ingested a splintered bone can cause serious problems.

EggsChicken/Duck/Quail – whole raw or cooked

  • I feed eggs whole raw, shell included, giving extra vitamins, calcium and nutrients


  • Repels fleas and ticks


  • I add to pregnant mothers diet and dogs I want to add weight too – adds calories

Rice/Brown cooked

  • I add chicken stock and butter to flavor – adds calories


  • great for the eyes






Lentils – Cooked