Recall Training Your Puppy

Recall Training your puppy is very valuable. When your dog has good recall you can enjoy a number of new activities and spaces.

When appropriate, you can use off leash areas such as beaches, trails, parks, lakes, etc. Knowing that when you call, your dog will come immediately.

Recall training is very valuable in scenarios where your dog has gotten off leash accidently or there is some danger to come away from. When your dog has good recall you can quickly and effectively call them and get them right back with you.

How To Recall Train Your Puppy

Get or make a long leash 10-15ft

Each training session use prized treats

While playing with your puppy, let your puppy wander out from your position. Not too far at first. Then give a ‘COME’ command in a friendly voice. If your puppy comes right to you give lots of praise and a treat.

If your puppy ignores the ‘COME’ command, gently but firmly reel in your puppy using the long leash. While slowly reeling them in to you keep repeating the ‘COME’ command in an inviting tone of voice. Praise whenever your puppy takes willing steps toward you.

If your puppy pulls against you or tries to go another way you must disagree with these actions with a stern voice.

Once you get your puppy back to you give lots of praise and a treat. Then repeat the process. Each time you give the ‘COME’ command let your puppy decide whether it will obey or not on a loose leash. If your puppy decides wrong by moving away from you, disagree with a stern verbal command (NO! SHHHH! EHHH! Etc.) then tighten the slack in the lead and begin to reel your puppy to you.

No matter the skill you are training, its all about repetition and positive reinforcement. Each session should be 3 reps. And remember to ALWAYS end each session on a positive note.

Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes daily. Starting first at home. Each session in a new area of your home. Then move to training sessions away from the home. Distractions are a bonus!

Your puppy will soon know exactly what you are wanting by your ‘Come’ command and very willingly come, knowing its a good thing and not punishment. Once your puppy has mastered the ‘COME’ and has good recall you can practice off leash.

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