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APBT Breeder Located in Elgin, Arizona (Near Tucson, Arizona).

Our first American Pit Bull Terrier opened our eyes to these wonderful dogs.  In our opinion, there is no better breed!  Their loyalty and patience is unmatched. Our dogs have proved themselves time and again, both in the show ring and out! We have found that Pit Bulls, are able to be amazingly in tune with their people.  The intuition they display is uncanny.

Here at BarTin Kennels health and temperament come first!  All our breeding’s are planned carefully to produce the same wonderful family dogs. When we breed, it is in an effort to improve the temperament, health and structure of the next generation.

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Our goal is to become the top breeder of American Pit Bull Terriers in Arizona and Beyond! Nestled in the Wine Country of Elgin Arizona, at the foot of the Mustang Mountains. We are just 1 hour from Tucson Arizona and 2.5 hours from Phoenix Arizona.

We are dedicated to producing happy, healthy family members. Showing others what Pit Bulls can really be, loving, loyal, family members! And of course stunning in the show ring! Our Pit Bull’s compete and excel in UKC Conformation, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, and Weight Pull Events across the US!

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Patrick Stewart – Pit Bulls are “the sweetest, most empathic, sensitive creatures that I have ever known.”


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