Pros and Cons of Ear Cropping


  • Cleaner healthier ears – a dog with cropped ears will most likely never have a problem with ear infections caused by yeast or bacteria, ear mites, or ticks that like to line the underside of the ear.
  • Clean/Sharp breed intended look – there are many breeds today that would look totally different without cropped ears.  Its all preference.
  • The Show Ring – a good ear crop accentuates the head and gives your dog more presence in the ring.


  • The Stigma Cropping Carries – some think that your dogs ears are cropped because you fight them.
  • Menacing Appearance – in some peoples opinion cropped ears make a dog look more aggressive.
  • $$$$ – a good ear crop can cost upwards of $800.
  • After Care – there is taping of the ears to keep them standing correctly after the crop.
  • Dangers of Anesthesia – it is rare but some owners have experienced complications leading to the loss of their puppy.

Here at BarTin Kennels we prefer cropped ears.  It gives our dogs the desired look and winning edge in the show ring.  As a bonus, we have never had any ear related health concerns.

Here are some of the breeds commonly cropped.  These pictures show cropped versus natural.  Which do you prefer?