Our Puppy Protocol

Every litter at Bartin Kennels is born right in our living room. New Babies are imprinted on immediately after birth and handled daily.

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We practice Early Neurological Stimulation techniques (ENS) with each puppy. This aids in developing a well balanced temperament in all of our puppies. In our experience ENS lessens fear response, shortens recovery time, and creates a much more mellow and confident dog.

puppy early neurological stimulation

Another affect of ENS is a smarter dog. Practicing ENS from the day a puppy is born gets their brain working early. Even before their eyes and ears open they are learning to problem solve and remain calm instead of just reacting with fear or tension.

At 4 weeks of age we transition our puppies from the whelping box to a much bigger puppy pen. It is at this age that puppies are ready to start potty training, that is, learning clean potty habbits. The puppy pen is equipped with a litter box filled with pine shavings, an area with food and water for eating and play, and a bedding area for puppies to sleep (3 different surfaces).

Pit bull puppies in the PNW

We have found that puppies potty train much easier when they are raised with a separate potty area. They learn that some areas are not for going potty and are to be kept clean. This habit of using a specific potty area makes the transition from puppy pen to your home much easier.

When puppies are raised on all one surface such as a puppy pen filled with a litter material, they grow up thinking that every area is a potty area. Puppies raised like this have a hard time learning to use a designated potty area when you bring them into your home.

In the short 8 weeks our puppies are raised with us they are exposed to as many new sounds, smells, textures, and people as possible! It is our goal to have each baby grow up to be the best and most well rounded dog that they can be. And the experience they recieve in their first 8 weeks of life certainly sets the tone for their future.

Puppy playtime

Before heading to their new homes our puppies are treated with age appropriate wormings, and recieve their first vaccination.

And finally when you take one of our puppies home our involvement is not over. We are always available to help. We want you to succeed and our Bartin Puppies to grow up happy and healthy