Shipping Your Puppy

Here are options for shipping your puppy

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Many breeds are still able to be flown in cargo using a hard crate. However, the American Pit Bull Terrier is still listed amongst the breeds restricted from in cargo flights. In all transport options the dog/puppy must be accompanied by a person.

-Fly out and take your puppy back with you in cabin

This option is the best and most cost effective in Our opinion if you have the time and circumstances. Having done this ourselves, nothing beats the experience of being the first person your pup leaves their home with. It jump starts the bonding and affords an opportunity to meet the breeder and see their facilities.

-Employ a puppy nanny to fly with your puppy in cabin

A Puppy Nanny is someone who flies puppies (20lbs and under) from point A-B. The puppy is carried in a soft carry-on crate and travels in cabin under the passengers seat. Typically a Puppy Nanny can only pick up and deliver from and to International airports. There are a few highly recommended Puppy Nannies that we have personally used. If this is the route you wish to pursue we will put you in touch with some of the best folks in the business.

-Employ a ground shipper

A Ground Shipper is someone who transports pets from point A-B by way of vehicle. A Ground Shipper typically transports the pets in a climate controlled vehicle such as a cargo van. The vehicle is outfitted with a crate for each pet. This is the least desirable option because it typically takes longer to receive you pup. However, we have had great success with this option shipping to Canada during the coronavirus as this is the only way to get a pup across the border. There are a few Ground Shippers that we could recommend. If this is the route you wish to pursue we will put you in touch with some highly recommended Ground Shippers.

We at BarTin Kennels have used all three methods of transport to send our Pit Bull puppies to Canada, Florida, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Alaska, California, Utah, Maryland, New Mexico, and many others. Our Puppies have always arrived at their destinations safe and sound.


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