Upcoming Breedings for 2021!

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All puppies are sold in pick order (order of deposit). Puppies will be chosen in pick order at 6-8 weeks of age.

Junior x Evay

~6th Pick Available~

american pit bull terrier breeding for 2021

Puppies due approximately August 17th 2021

This breeding will be attempted using frozen semen. This pairing will be one for the History books!!! Junior, a Stud born back in 1998 is the last of the Powerhouse dogs on ice! Wish us success on this one! If we are successful, this pairing should produce top quality pups. We are expecting pups with more bone and exceptional breed type.

Mercury x Rayne

~7th pick Available~

Summer 2021

Repeat Breeding! The last litter was so amazing we are going for a repeat!

This is a breeding of Mercury via Frozen Semen and our own Rayne. Mercury was a stud born in 2002! He was a phenomenal producer in his time. His kids and grandkids went on to be some of the winningest dogs in the breed! It is truly amazing that we can bring his genetics back to the front today. Thank you to everyone who reserved their pup early on this one.

Here is a pic of the previous litter

american pit bull terrier frozen semen litter
Mercury x Rayne Babies

Samson x Katie

~Inquire for Availability~

Puppies due approximately August 15th 2021

This will be Katie’s first litter and we couldn’t be more excited! She has the best temperament and is absolutely gorgeous! We are so anxious to see babies from her! Samson is a beautiful son of Cyrus. He is a UKC Champion and is an absolute sweetheart! We expect a rainbow of color from these two. Brindle, Red, Blue, Seal and black are all possibilities.

Sam x Annie

~Sold Out~

Possible availability if more than 6 pups are born

Late Summer – Fall 2021

We are anxiously awaiting this breeding. This breeding should produce beautiful babies! Both in color, temperament and conformation! Sire Sam and Dam Annie have wonderful temperaments and are both UKC Champions! Thanks to everyone who got in line early for a pup out of our girl Annie.

Occasionally we will have an adult for Placement\Adoption

For pictures of dogs and pups from past litters please see our Produced page!


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